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  • One to One Earpiece For CVK 400 Poker Scanning System


    As the one to one earpieces has unique signal frequency to match the special poker analyzer, so other players with the common earpieces are difficult to receive result from the same poker analyzer.

  • Mini Wireless Earpiece for Poker Analyzer System


    Our this mini earphone is widely used as part of a poker analyzer system. There is a wireless receiver fixed inside the earpiece which can receive the signals sent by the poker analyzer and then change them into sounds that can be heard only by you.

  • Poker Shoe Monitoring Camera System


    The HD camera lens fixed inside the poker shoe is completely concealable and won't be discovered even by those who check the poker shoe​.

  • Remote Control Deal Poker Shoe


    Poker shoe is a necessary tool for Baccarat, and it also can be one of the best cheating devices for the game.

  • Monitoring System Mobile Phone For Marked Cards


    If you have an interest in our monitoring system cellphone, welcome to approach us for it! Don’t forget about our specially made back marked cards, which are very important for using our monitoring system cellphone in poker cheat!

  • Bee No.92 Marked Cards For Poker Analyzer


    Our company produces two types of marked cards: back marked cards ( the marks, indicating the suits and numbers, can be printed in the middle or on the white board of the card back ) and edge marked cards ( the marks, indicating the bar-codes, are printed along the edge of the cards ).

  • Baccarat Poker Shuffler Device


    This Baccarat cheating shuffler can also be used to cheat Blackjack, another kind of popular poker game. If you are interested in our Baccarat cheating shuffler, please don't hesitate to contact us!

  • USB Cable Camera for Poker Scanner System


    This USB poker camera is so small and completely concealable that it will not be noticed by other players at all. You will hear the poker result immediately through your earpiece.

  • Laser Marked Playing Cards


    The laser camera lens sold by our company is also with the high-quality among all types of camera lenses. So it wouldn't let you down.

  • Omaha Poker Winner Software


    Our company has many Omaha poker cheating devices for sale, if you are interested in our Omaha poker software, just feel free to contact us!

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