PK King S708 Poker Analyzer Device

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[Introduction]  Remote control for PK King S708 poker analyzer to predict barcode poker winner hand by shake model. It is a unique poker analyzer device to help you win at poker casino games....

Have you ever heard the PK King S708 poker predictor software? This is the latest playing cards analyzer system in the market. Just like the PK King S608, each of them with a remote control and iwatch. You can connect the phone analyzer system and iwatch via Bluetooth, and this is exactly special feature it has.

When it comes to the way to show the result of poker game you are playing, most players know the time model and image model. And the time model can be showed on the screen of analyzer mobile phone and iwatch. While what about the shake model?

Before you play the game, changing the way to know poker result to shake model and pair your remote control with analyzer system. For the common remote control, they haven't the function that can shake to know the marked cards result. But the remote control for PK King S708 can do that! For example, if the remote control shaking three times at one time, it represent that the third player is the first winner hand.


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I am Jakaria from BD, can you say more details, can we contact by WhatsApp +8801711479432

Eric Johnson 2019-01-19 20:55:48

What is price of PK KING S708 and Modiano crystallio Jumbo Poker cards red blue green purple?

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