Marking Playing Cards with Invisible Ink Pen

2017-12-05 11:55:31Supplier:
[Introduction]  As we known, the invisible ink pen can be used to make invisible markings on paper cards and plastic cards by us without professional technology……...

A magic luminous invisible ink pen has been on sale for many years. And this luminous pen is extensively used to mark luminous marking on the back of playing cards by professional poker players.

Our luminous ink kits include the invisible ink pen and red filtered film. As we known, the invisible ink pen can be used to make marking on paper card as well as plastic cards. Whichever markings you like, you can make marked cards by yourself. What’s more, it is better to print marking for red cards instead of mark luminous marking for blue cards, because the invisible makings on the back of blue cards are harder to be read. So it is good for you to mail your own blue poker cards for us to finish marking luminous ink.

While you want to see the marking on back marked cards, do not forget to wear our infrared contact lenses and perspective sunglasses.

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