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Advanced CVK Series of Poker Analyzer

2017-11-29 15:39:14Supplier:
[Introduction]  CVK poker analyzer can be used as a normal mobile phone as well as poker cheating device in the poker games……...

CVK poker analyzer is a poker analyzer device as well as is a common cell phone. It means that this poker analyzer can be used as a normal mobile phone. The most important function of this analyzer is that it can be used to analyze the poker result in casino or Texas Hold’em.

This kind of poker analyzer is the most useful and advanced anti-poker cheating device around the world. It can help users to have fun and increase the poker cheating techniques from the poker game. CVK poker analyzer is all-in-one poker analyzer. In addition, the battery of CVK poker analyzer can last for 3 hours. When the power is run out, you can charge it immediately. Furthermore, we have different style of poker analyzer in our stock.

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