Wall Clock Poker Scanning Camera

2017-11-13 15:25:52Supplier:
[Introduction]  This wall clock poker scanner is difficult to be found by other poker players because most of players do not know a spy camera there.........

Our wall clock poker card scanner is suitable for poker player who like to use anti-poker cheating device in casino for entertainment. This wall clock poker scanner should work together with poker analyzer and back marked cards. We fixed poker camera lens inside a wall clock in two different ways. When it works with a poker predictor, it is used to scan barcode marked cards in a wide area and the distance is from 2 meters to 6 meters. As for the distance area, you can adjust the scanning distance by yourself.

However, the long scanning distance is about 3-4 meter when you use it for scanning marking on marked cards. If you want to get the result, you also need a poker partner to help you get the result at the backstage.

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