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AKK K4 Poker Analyzers to Know Poker Hand

2017-10-25 16:14:21Supplier:
[Introduction]  AKK scanner analyzer works much stable than CVK or PK king analyzers. AKK K4 analyzer is popular use and can bring much more than what it cost……...

AKK K4 poker analyzers entered the market in 2016. K4 poker analyzer has many advantages than the previous AKK poker analyzers. K4 poker analyzer is the first model of AKK poker analyzers having double built-in poker cameras, whose scanning distance can be from 20cm - 45cm in length and 23cm in width. As long as the marked poker cards are placed within the scanning scope, the AKK K4 poker scanner works well to scan the bar code marked cards. Similar with the functions of AKK K3 new version analyzer, K4 poker analyzer has been added another two functions. Poker players can get the poker hand result through wireless headset from long distance. Attractively, it can connect 4G, so it is convenient for poker player to surf internet with it in anywhere.

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