Coat Button Double-lens Poker Camera

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[Introduction]  Coat button poker camera can be processed as double-lens and single lens, even four-lens for different poker analyzer....

Poker camera is a useful poker analyzer device for poker games in different occasion. Coat button poker camera is quit suitable for situation that poker players are not allowed to put anything on poker table. Beside, those camera lens has fixed on chest buttons or cufflink, so it is hard to arose other players attention.

Usually, those button poker camera should link with a power bank for charge power of camera lens. The batteries of power bank are changeable and rechargeable. You just need put this power bank into your packet! There are many types button poker camera according to the number of camera lens.

If you choose double-lens coat button poker camera, the scanning scope from bottom to the top will expanded to 15-25cm when comparing with single lens coat button poker camera. In addition, it can read barcode marked cards automatically with 100% accurate than transfer information to poker analyzer for analyzing. Then you will get games result within few second in advance.

Coat Button Double-lens Poker Camera

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