Cigarette Box Luminous Marked Cards Reader

2017-09-18 18:01:03Supplier:
[Introduction]  Marked cards poker camera is useful for poker analyzer, and the cigarette box poker camera meet the need of many poker players who love smoke....

Cigarette box is a normal item in poker table, it is hard to arose other poker players attention, so it would be a nice choice for processing as a poker scanning camera. Here are many types poker camera offered in our company, cigarette box poker scanning camera is just one of them.

As mini spy camera lens has been hidden, you will find no difference in appearance compared with regular cigarette box. Usually each cigarette box poker camera has a button to switch the camera lens. But if you want to control the camera lens more convenient, we also can equipped with the remote control to switch camera lens.

The scanning distance of this cigarette box poker camera is range from 15cm to 50cm, even farther. What's more, all poker camera can be customized according to your reasonable requirement. If you are interest in and want to know more information, don't be hesitate to contact with us!

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