CVK 500 Poker Winner Predictor With Baccarat

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[Introduction]  CVK 500 poker winner predictor can work with cards dealing shoe to analyze finally result of Baccarat games....

You may have heard that background poker analyzer system can be used in Baccarat games, so what about the CVK 500 poker winner predictor? CVK 500 poker analyzer is a special poker device with three signal frequency. It is means that CVK 500 poker analyzer can work with different poker scanning camera. In Baccarat games, we usually fix a poker camera lens in cards dealing machine and it can read barcode marked cards with 100% accurate.

When play Baccarat game, we usually choose the time mode or earpieces mode to show games result. In this article, we will choose the earpieces mode as a example. First of all, change built-in poker camera mode into wireless poker camera mode and select the same signal frequency as external poker camera. Then poker analyzer will connect the cards dealing shoe poker camera. Therefore, once the poker scanning camera read the barcode marked cards, the whole process of scanning and analyzing will finish within 0.5 second.

Using CVK 500 poker analyzer in Baccarat games is simple than using background poker analyzer system. In addition, you needn't a partner to help you in another room.

CVK 500 Poker Winner Predictor With Baccarat

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