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Common Vibrator For Marked Cards Poker

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[Introduction]  If you aren't want to choose the time mode, voice mode and other mode to receive poker result, the vibrator would be a good choice for you!...

Vibrator for marked cards poker games needn't connect with poker analyzer. Compared with AKK poker analyzer vibrator, the common vibrator should operate by your partner. So what about the whole operation?

Each common vibrator has equipped with a remote control and several vibration feet, as for the number of vibration feet, it can be 2,4,6 or 8! In addition, the vibrator should fixed on your body. It should work with poker analyzer in another room, poker scanning camera and barcode marked cards. After the poker scanning camera read the barcode marked cards and poker analyzer predict the games result, you partner will deliver the information to you by remote control of your vibrator. For example, If the first winner hand and second winner hand is "5,6", the vibration feet of fifth and sixth will shake and the fifth vibration feet will shake first.

Common Vibrator For Marked Cards Poker

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