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Marked Cards Vibrator With Four Vibration Feet

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[Introduction]  Using vibrator to deliver information from poker analyzer secretly. It is a nice choice for poker games lover....

In fact, vibrator is not only a common item, it also can be used in poker games to deliver information. We all know that the time mode, earpieces mode and voice mode may not safety enough. So we will introduce how to use it at poker games.

This four vibration feet vibrator has equipped with remote control and each vibration feet has tied with different number from 1 to 4. If poker analyzer predict the first winner hand and second winner hand is "3,5", how vibrator deliver the information to you? You partner will control the vibration feet to shake by remote control. The vibration feet of number 3 will shake first, then vibration feet of number "2,3" will shake together. Therefore, it is easy to recognized by yourself.

No matter which kind of vibrator you have chosen, its work principle is simple to master, then you will found it is easy to operate.

Marked Cards Vibrator With Four Vibration Feet

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