PK King S708 Blackjack Poker Scanner System

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[Introduction]  PK King S708 poker analyzer is a perfect poker device used to read edge marked cards in Blackjack....

Blackjack is widely playing in casino and more and more popular among poker analyzer. So do you know any Blackjack poker analyzer? And both of them how to work at Blackjack? We will make the PK King S708 poker analyzer as a example.

PK King S708 poker analyzer is a multifunction poker device, there are five ways to show poker result. The most special way is show result by your iwatch which has connect S708 poker analyzer via Bluetooth. The result will show as time mode and display on iwatch screen. For example, if you have set up show the biggest and second poker winner hand on PK King S708 poker analyzer. And the number showed on iwatch is"2,3", so the second player is the biggest winner and the third player is the second winner.

There are some tips about Blackjack you also need to know:

1. Popular around the world and more and more poker players know it.

2. Removing red and black joke

3. Each player in the hands of the number of points and not more than 21 points and as large as possible. For example, if you get 22 points, then you have lose.

PK King S708 Blackjack Poker Scanner System

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