LD D6 Edge Marked Cards Reader For Blackjack

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[Introduction]  There are many poker analyzer can be used in Blackjack poker games, such as AKK poker scanner, CVK poker scanner, PK King S708 poker scanner and LD poker scanner....

Blackjack also named 21 point which has a long history and original from France. To some extent, Blackjack is similar to Baccarat! All the edge marked cards should load on cards dealing shoe which has installed a poker camera lens. And the poker camera lens should work with poker analyzer to finish work. In addition, the LD D6 is one of those poker analyzer.

Just like other poker analyzer, LD D6 poker analyzer can set all system by yourself. You can set voice system, light system, number of players, ways to dealing cards and ways to receive poker result. If you choose earpieces mode to receive information, after the poker scanning camera has read the edge marked cards and LD D6 poker analyzer analyze information from poker camera, you will receive poker result by your wireless earpieces.

Some tips for Blackjack:

1. Popular around the world and more and more poker players know it.

2. Removing red and black joke.

3. Each player in the hands of the number of points and not more than 21 points and as large as possible. For example, if you get 22 points, then you have lose.

LD D6 Edge Marked Cards Reader For Blackjack

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