Reading Infrared Marked Cards With Clock Camera

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[Introduction]  Infrared ink marking playing cards work with special clock infrared poker camera would be a perfect way to detect poker trick....

Infrared poker camera specialize design for infrared marked cards which is different from the normal poker camera for reading back marked cards. With it help, the infrared ink marks on the back of marked cards are easy to read, and clock infrared poker camera is also not a exception. So how it work?

The whole system only need the clock infrared poker camera, infrared marked cards, TV screen, wireless interphone and earpieces. As it not need the poker analyzer, the whole process of reading infrared marked cards would be simple than poker scanning camera for reading bar code marked cards. With the help of remote control, you can switch clock infrared poker camera secret. After it finish read the infrared marked cards, signal transmitter will send the signal to TV screen within 0.1 second, then all suit and point of each marked cards will show on TV screen. At last, the your partner will tell you the result with wireless interphone and you can receive the information by your earpieces.

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Reading Infrared Marked Cards With Clock Camera

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Mer 2017-11-08 08:09:18

Info poker analysator

Düz 2017-10-30 18:27:24


Francis 2017-09-09 10:22:24

How far this camera lens can reach?

Enoch 2017-09-09 10:17:46

Can you sent some pictures and video to me? I'm looking for a latest poker analyzer for Modiano barcode marked cards!

Dick 2017-09-09 10:11:14

I want a k4 poker analyzer for Omaha games!

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