Piatnik Doppelkopf Invisible Ink Glasses Poker

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[Introduction]  Piatnik Doppelkopf marked poker deck has standard suits: hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs....

The Piatnik Doppelkopf is a standard marked card which is known and popular all over the world. Countless card players play exclusively with "their" variety. The consistent, good quality, the familiar card imagery and the exquisite ornament-reverse of these cards have been an integral part of many game tables for decades. This kind of marked cards purchase from its original place and processed by our skill technical staff with the professional printer. Therefore, the luminous marks can keep longer than those marking playing cards marked with invisible ink pen.

Simple back profiles make the Piatnik Doppelkopf playing cards are easy to mark with luminous ink kit. Once it has been marked as invisible ink glasses poker, you can read the suit and point of marked cards with your invisible ink glasses. In fact, the infrared contact lenses also can read it, while the poker analyzer and infrared poker camera can't!

Piatnik Doppelkopf invisible ink marked cards would be used in poker games, magic show and private house games. If you are interested in this kind of marked cards, don't forget to contact with us!

Piatnik Doppelkopf Invisible Ink Glasses Poker

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Mer 2017-11-08 08:09:18

Info poker analysator

Düz 2017-10-30 18:27:24


Francis 2017-09-09 10:22:24

How far this camera lens can reach?

Enoch 2017-09-09 10:17:46

Can you sent some pictures and video to me? I'm looking for a latest poker analyzer for Modiano barcode marked cards!

Dick 2017-09-09 10:11:14

I want a k4 poker analyzer for Omaha games!

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