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Copag Spring Edition Luminous Marked Cards

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[Introduction]  Copag Spring Edition marking cards is just one kind of Copag Season edition and all of them can be marked as luminous marked cards....

Copag is one of the most popular poker cards brand in the world. Copag has released a limited edition commemorative Four Seasons plastic playing card sets in 2008 years. The Four Seasons set is placed in a special tin box and the Spring Edition is just one kind of them.

These cards can handle the wear and tear of normal games, outlasting paper cards up to 500 times. Valued by poker enthusiasts and professionals alike. Once you try Copag you will never use any other cards again. With high-quality, it can be marked with invisible ink as back marked cards for IR/UV contact lenses or IR/UV glasses and barcode marked cards for poker scanning camera. The back marked cards also named contact lenses marked cards! For more details as followed:

Included: 52 cards + 2 Jokers.

Cards size: 63.5 x 88.9 mm (2.5" x 3.5"). Weight of the deck: 135 g (approx).

Index: jumbo.

Made from exclusively engineered 100% PVC plastic. Completely washable.

New, sealed. Made in Belgium.

100% authentic, original Copag product.

Suitable for: poker, home games.

As the luminous marked cards are special and useful, so please contact us if you will have any questions.

Copag Spring Edition Luminous Marked Cards

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Mer 2017-11-08 08:09:18

Info poker analysator

Düz 2017-10-30 18:27:24


Francis 2017-09-09 10:22:24

How far this camera lens can reach?

Enoch 2017-09-09 10:17:46

Can you sent some pictures and video to me? I'm looking for a latest poker analyzer for Modiano barcode marked cards!

Dick 2017-09-09 10:11:14

I want a k4 poker analyzer for Omaha games!

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