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HD Dice Monitoring Bowl Camera Lens

2017-06-27 18:17:23Supplier:
[Introduction]  Just like the IR camera lens can be used to read the back marked cards, the hidden camera fixed inthe dice bowl also can read the number of unprocessed dice....

You must have known many thing about HD camera lens, HD camera lens used in many fields, and we now have a HD camera lens could use in dice gamble and it could see the normal dice through the bowl.

You can see the result from a cell phone with the dice bowl has. It is simple to control and convenient to use. You cannot see other difference of the bowl in its appearance, because it has a better concealment for you to play poker games. We provide the ceramic dice bowls, iron dice bowls and plastic dice bowls for you to choose. The cell phone display look like a cell phone that no one will think it is a good partner for the dice bowl.

HD camera lens hide inside dice monitoring bowl has to sell a lot in our company. When you buy these cheating dices, you winning money chance will increase bigger than other people.

HD Dice Monitoring Bowl Camera Lens

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