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Ring Marked Poker Deck Camera Lenses

2017-06-26 17:34:51Supplier:
[Introduction]  Ring poker scanning camera should work with the poker analyzer system to predict poker analyzer system and you can receive poker game's result by your mini wireless earpieces....

Ring is a good decorations for people, no matter wheater you have got married. So many people take advantage of a ring, let alone convert it into a ring camera lens as a cheating device!

Just because of its purity and concealment, ring is a good item to be processed as an amazing and powerful poker cheating device for helping gamblers to have good luck in playing cards. No matter what game you love, you can find ring camera lens are always available for you and helpful for making money. The reason for it is that ring camera lens can scan on the edge marked cards or back marked cards and send the image data to a poker parser.

After the poker analyzer receives the information from the scanning ring camera lens, it will analyze the data and change the image data into digital data quickly. Within 0.3 second, you can know who will get the best or worst hand of cards in the game. By knowing the result in advance, you can be sure to win at gambles. Of course, win money is a sure thing in the meanwhile.

If you need other types poker scnaning camera, like´╝Üpower bank scanning camera, wallet poker camera, phone poker ccamera and so on.You can feel free to get in touvh with us!

Ring Marked Poker Deck Camera Lenses

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