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Juice Luminous Ink For Marking Playing Cards

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[Introduction]  Marking playing cards with juice luminous ink for infrared contact lenses or IR sunglasses. Moreover, it is a good choice as the marks are invisible to your naked eyes....

If you are interest in the marked playing cards, you may quite familar with the invisible ink.But have you ever heared the luminous ink? Luminous ink is also the key to marked cards, so we supply many kinds of marked cards, and you also could buy a luminous ink pen.

So the juice ink camera solutions were available for a far more reasonable price. But those are only the cameras, the ink is a different. Since juice ink is considered to be the finest marking method known, its secret is reputedly only being sold or passed on to those who are already "in the know".

To the best of my knowledge the secret of juice ink has never been fully revealed in print although it has been mentioned. It took our several years of persistent research to work on it. No one was able to look at a juice deck, so I had drawing a conclusion. We had our own theories but it was impossible to check them against a genuine juice deck since I couldn't get a hold of one at the time. Unlike other card-marking methods, no detailed theory of juice work has yet been released to the public. So when you are use juice ink you are safe.

You will be able to get a good understanding of how juice works. It should be noted, however, that viewing juice marks requires a great deal of training; some juice decks are made so well that even experts can not see the marks, not even when they are told the marks are in fact there.

Now the hottest use luminous is juice luminous ink, juice luminous ink camera also very popular use by many people.You can used it to read the marks on the back of back playing cards clearly.

Juice Luminous Ink For Marking Playing Cards

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