Microns Lighter Lens For Poker Analyzer

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[Introduction]  Lighter marked cards scanner is easy to carry and hard arose other's attention as a poker cheating device....

Lighter poker camera for barcode marked cards are more and more popular among the players around the world. Micron horizontal lighter scanning camera is kind of KTZ lighter scanner, but also different from it. This lighter scanner fixed with a mini spy lens on its side instead of the bottom. What's more, double lens lighter scanner offer to you for choosing and distances can reach 20-30cm. Therefore, It is a wide-edge lighter. Each KTZ micron horizontal lighter scanner has equipped with two batteries and each battery can sustainable use for 3 hours. So, time is not a big deal.

As more and more poker cheating devices have been used in the marking playing cards casino games, Just like the watch scanning camera, power bank poker scanner and car keys hidden camera. Lighter barcode cards scanners are used as a external camera when you are not allowed to put your analyzer system on the casino or there wasn't a build-in camera in your analyzer.

By the way, all the items offered in our company can be customized. Therefore, if you are interested in those device mentioned above, don't be hesitate to contact with us by Email or Skype.

Microns Lighter Lens For Poker Analyzer

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