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  • Laser Playing Cards For Blackjack


    The laser marked cards are designed for laser camera lens reading. The marks indicating suits and values of cards can be scanned clearly by the laser camera.

  • Do You Know Poker Hidden Camera


    ur company sells different kinds of hidden lenses. There are USB cable cameras, car key cameras, cigarette box cameras, lighter cameras, water bottle cameras, shirt button camera, wallet camera and watch camera......

  • Dice Set With Remote Controller


    The remote control can enable you to control the outcome of the roll by getting the points you need. It works from a distance up to 20 meters, even with something like walls being obstacles.

  • Can Read 52 Cards Scanning System


    Do you know how to show poker winner by poker scanner system? We will talk about how to operate the analyzer with poker scanning camera for luminous marked cards in this article.

  • How To Marking Playing Cards


    After processed by invisible ink, the playing cards would be a hot sale product and the marks only visible for poker cheating devices. Moreover, it can work with the poker scnaning camera and poker analyzer system.

  • HD Dice Monitoring Bowl Camera Lens


    Just like the IR camera lens can be used to read the back marked cards, the hidden camera fixed inthe dice bowl also can read the number of unprocessed dice.

  • Hot Selling Baccarat Poker Shoe Poker Camera


    Baccarat poker scanning camera is a good poker cheating device for playing cards or barcode marked cards after installed filter or scanning camera. With the help of analyzer system, you can read the marked playing cards one by one or all at once.

  • How To Play Omaha Poker Game


    We all know that there are many poker cheating device can be used to play poker games. But if you want to play well in omaha poker game and didn't arose other players' attention, you must know the rules about Omaha games.

  • Invisible Bicycle 808 Marking Playing Cards


    The Bicycle 808 paper marked playing cards can be used for many poker games such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack and many other games.

  • invisible ink for playing cards


    A perfect luminous invisible ink kit, very easy to write cards marking on poker cards with infrared ink pen, any model playing cards can be make.

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