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Luminous Ink Kits for Marked Cards

2018-01-31 16:24:43Supplier:
[Introduction]  Luminous ink kits are used for magic trick, which conclude invisible ink, invisible ink pen, perspective sunglasses and marked cards contact lenses……...

Do you want to know more information about invisible ink kits? If yes, please read the following page. Invisible ink marked cards and poker cheating device are often used in the poker games, but few people know juice ink also quite convenient to be used to make marked cards. The functions of juice ink for poker are the same as invisible ink. The luminous ink pen kits what our company produce are high-quality and they will not let you down. Our company luminous ink kits are certified to make at least twenty decks of marked cards! How durable they are. We also can meet your requirement if you need. So why not contact with us to get good quotation right now? Just take action! 

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