All Kinds of Fournier Marked Cards from GS

2018-01-26 16:55:24Supplier:
[Introduction]  All kinds of Fournier Marked Cards, including Fournier 2800, Fournier 2818, Heraclio Fournier NO.1 and Fournier NO.12, are available here……...

Fournier marked cards is one kind of playing cards marked by our company, have a long history of high quality, security and durability, so it wins great popularity among poker players in casino and magic shows, especially Fournier 2818 marked cards.

We conceal the special invisible ink markings in Fournier marked cards with machines. And the invisible ink markings can be seen by infrared contact lenses or sunglasses which are only customized in our company. We ensure that it will not take others' notice unless other poker players possess infrared contact lenses or sunglasses from our company. So, why not have a try now?

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