Barcode Marked Cards and Poker Scanner

2017-12-15 12:09:18Supplier:
[Introduction]  Various kinds of poker cameras are used to scan barcode marked decks, such as car key poker camera, cell phone poker camera, USB poker camera and etc……...

Have you used the barcode marked playing cards for having fun from poker games? The amazing effect of barcode marked cards will not let you down if you use it in Texas Holdem, in casino or other poker places. This poker cards work together with different poker cheating devices.

Bar code marked cards are processed with regular poker cards, infrared luminous invisible ink and poker printer. Furthermore, we mark the luminous invisible ink on the four sides of these cards so that this ink just can be seen by wearing the IR contact lenses or sunglasses. In addition, no matter what kind of brand of poker cards, all can be processed as barcode marked playing cards.

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