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What Is AKK Poker Analyzer

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[Introduction]  AKK poker analyzer has been launched several series up till now, and each has its own characteristics, you can choose on the basis of your requirement…… ...

AKK poker analyzer is one of the latest and most advanced poker analyzer devices so far in the world. This device is also named as an all-in-one poker analyzer. AKK poker analyzer has a high speed to scan the barcode marked cards and let you know the poker result within 0.1s. What’s more, this poker cheating device has the functions of a normal smart cell phone. It means that you can use your own SIM card to make phone call, send message and so on. With the help of our poker analyzer device in Baccarat, Omaha, and other poker games, you can get the poker results quickly. Furthermore, there is a unique Bluetooth for AKK poker analyzer which cannot match other poker analyzers. The battery can last for 5 hours. When its battery is out of power, you can charge it again immediately.

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