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Lamp Poker Scanning Camera for Marked Cards

2017-12-11 14:35:58Supplier:
[Introduction]  When you put marked cards with luminous ink markings under processed lamps, the lamp poker camera scans marked cards for poker analyzer……...

Have you used the lamp poker scanning camera for cheating on the poker games? Or do you want to know more detail about the anti-poker cheating devices from us? Now we are highly recommend you to use the lamp poker spy camera if you need poker scanner. Because this lamp scanner is very safe and it is so hard to be found by other poker players. We fix a mini size camera lens inside of different lamp and the lens just occupies a quite small position. Hence, you can put this lamp scanner in your poker room.

When you put the infrared luminous ink marked cards under these lamps, the poker camera first scans marked cards, then it will sent the poker result to you by wireless earpieces. The scanning distance of this device can be adjusted as you need. The appearance of this lamp poker scanning camera is the same as normal lamp. No matter what style of lamp scanner you want, we can supply it for you.

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