Scanning Camera Inside Power Bank for Marked Cards

2017-12-09 14:33:08Supplier:
[Introduction]  Our iPhone power bank with scanning camera is an ideal helper for poker winner predictor in poker cheating games….....

We fix a mini size poker scanning camera lens inside of iPhone power bank in order not to arouse suspicion of other poker players in casino or in Texas Hold’em. This power bank camera is safe for poker players to use.

This iPhone power bank poker camera is no different with normal one. In spite of being fixed an HD camera lens inside, it still can be used for charging cell phone. The only difference is that this poker camera can be used for scanning barcode marked cards and then send the poker information to poker analyzer. Of course, this spy camera can read barcode marked cards at any angle speedily and accurately even in dim light. The scanning distance of this device can be adjusted as you like.

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