How Does PK King Poker Analyzer System Work

2017-11-09 15:04:34Supplier:
[Introduction]  Many poker players may know PK King poker scanning analyzer, but they do not know how it works, so we would like to introduce it for you……...

The PK King poker analyzer system is made up of a camera lens, an analyzer and an earpiece, which can work together with barcode marked cards. PK King poker analyzer has an inner camera, so that this lens is hard to be found by other poker players except you.

If you use this poker analyzer to play poker games, the camera lens can scan four sides of marked cards easily and accurately, and then the bar code data of each card will be sent to poker analyzer immediately. When you use this PK King cheating device, do not forget to adjust the marked cards to the best angle and position for it. This poker cheating software just need 0.3 seconds to receive the poker result, thus, you can get the accurate poker game result immediately.

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