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Modiano Jumbo Bike Marked Cards

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[Introduction]  Modiano Jumbo marked cards are printed with invisible ink markings on the back, which can be read by poker players wearing special contact lenses or sunglasses……...

Modiano Jumbo Bike Marked Cards are a kind of Modiano invisible ink cards. They are 100% plastic playing cards. Modiano Jumbo Bike Marked Cards are available in red and blue here in our company. Our Modiano Jumbo Bike marked cards for contact lenses are very popular, because they are the best marked cards and very useful in Magic Show and poker entertainment. These marked cards are printed by special machine with advanced invisible ink. People can see nothing different on surface of cards between normal clean cards and our marked cards. Wearing our contact lenses or infrared sunglasses, you can see the invisible marks pretty clearly.

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