Long Distance Scanning Camera for Marking Playing Cards

2017-11-03 18:36:05Supplier:
[Introduction]  The wall clock with poker scanning camera is ideal for the poker scanning system if you need long distance marked cards scanning camera.........

With the development of marked cards’ technology, there are various kinds of advanced poker cheating devices in the market. Have you ever used the clock to scan poker during playing poker game? Here we can offer you one of the best quality poker cards scanning cameras -- the clock poker scanning camera.

It is a normal wall clock with poker scanning lens which are capable for scanning marked playing cards. When it works together with a poker analyzer, it can scans barcode marked deck at a long distance and the scanning distance can be extend to 6 meters. If you want to get poker hand result before playing poker game, it is good choice for you to use our long distance clock poker scanning camera. We fixed a mini size camera lens inside of clock and this lens won’t be found by others. And different design of clock poker scanner can be customized according your need.

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