Samsung Poker Analyzer for Omaha

2017-11-02 18:35:43Supplier:
[Introduction]  The scanner analyzer of the poker system can always meet the need of the Omaha games to report you the best hands or all the cards on the poker table. If you need, the analyzer can tell you exactly the winning hands.........

Omaha, also called Omaha Holdem, is a poker game that is similar with Texas holdem. Some people may play Omaha with 4 cards and some always play 5- cards Omha. Omaha Samsung poker analyzer was designed by us. This device is widely used by professional poker players and magicians. It has several distinctive features. Firstly, there are four colors of Samsung analyzer for you to choose. It is white, black, platinum and blue. Secondly, it is unnecessary for you to add the other camera to work with it because this analyzer has double built-in cameras. Then it can get the poker game result easily and quickly. The Samsung poker analyzer has a Bluetooth to connect with it. In addition, you can adjust the speed of reporting as well as the light of poker analyzer.

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