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CVK 500 Poker Scanning Analyzer

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[Introduction]  CVK500 poker analyzer is the latest poker scanner system of CVK series poker analyzer in the world, which is suitable for many games……...

CVK 500 poker analyzer system is the latest model of CVK poker analyzer series. It attracts many poker players’ attention as soon as it was launched into the poker market. There are double poker camera lens inside CVK 500 poker analyzer smart phone, which enlarge the scanning scope of this poker analyzer. You can purchase 3 poker games in the CVK 500 poker analyzer, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Baccarat and so on. And it was equipped with iwatch that informs the poker players the poker result by vibrating mode. Besides, poker players also can get poker result by their common earpiece or our one to one headset and matching Bluetooth earplugs. Furthermore, it can be used as normal phone to call others and surf internet. You can change the battery once for 3 hours after its power is run out of. 

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