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The Latest AKK Poker Analyzer

2017-10-25 16:21:41Supplier:
[Introduction]  Poker analyzer AKK K5 is one of the best and latest Texas and Omaha scanning system. It works perfectly for scanning code marked cards….....

With a new version of Samsung phone, the K5 poker analyzer looks fashionable. Being a poker analyzer, it can be used as normal phone to make phone calls, send messages, play games or listen to music. As the latest model of poker analyzers so far, the AKK K5 has many advantages, goes as below.

1st, the K5 analyzer has double built-in cameras inside, which can scan the barcode marked cards directly, you can use this poker analyzer to analyze marking playing cards at the same time. That means it is an all-in-one poker device as poker analyzer and scanner camera.

2nd, the scanner of K5 poker analyzer works well with barcode marked cards, no matter it’s face up or down. For many other scanning cameras, it works only face up. Thus, when put the K5 face up or down on the poker table, it’s safer and will catch less attention of others. 

3rd, the K5 poker analyzer also works well with other wireless scanning cameras, such as mobile phone camera, car key camera, chip-tray camera, lighter camera and so on.

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