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AKK K2 Poker Analyzer

2017-10-23 17:21:01Supplier:
[Introduction]  Akk K2 Iphone poker analyzer is the turning point of the history of poker analyzers for it changes the idea to make poker analyzer……...

The new AKK K2 poker analyzer has been upgraded with new functions. There is a local poker camera lens in the AKK K2 smart phone poker analyzer, which can scan barcode marked cards from 25 to 35cm. You should put the AKK K2 poker analyzer smart phone straight forward the marked cards and never turn down the phone during playing cards. Apart from the common earpiece, you can get the poker hand result through one to one Bluetooth earpiece. There is a remote control for you to control the AKK K2 poker analyzer. Furthermore, you can use this poker analyzer cell phone to make phone call, connect WIFI for surfing the internet. How amazing! Are you hurrying up to have a try?

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