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AKK K1 Poker Analyzer

2017-10-21 18:01:25Supplier:
[Introduction]  Here I would like to introduce the earliest model of AKK analyzer to you, which was used to scan barcode marked poker cards.........

Honestly, many experienced poker players are familiar with AKK K1 poker analyzer, due to it’s one of the earliest poker scanning analyzer in the poker market. Here I would like to introduce its updated version to you. Similar with the old version, latest K1 poker analyzer should work with other poker scanning camera to scan marked poker cards, since it doesn’t have local scanning camera. But AKK K1 poker analyzer adopts a favorable design in appearance of cell phone and smaller than the old version. Within 5 meters, you can get the poker hand result from K1 poker analyzer through wireless headset as long as the barcode marked cards are scanned by poker camera. The battery of K1 poker analyzer can be changed and recharged three hours a time. And it’s difficult for others to find you cheating in the poker games, since it makes no difference with normal cell phone, though it can’t make phone call. 

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