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Jammer For Poker Analyzer Marked Cards

2017-09-19 18:22:07Supplier:
[Introduction]  Although jammer is a common things in our daily life, but it can protect you from cheating in poker games....

Nowadays, there are many poker cheating device can be used in different poker games at private poker games and club games. Like: poker analyzer system, poker scanning camera, invisible ink marked cards, infrared contact lenses, wireless earpieces and so on. With the help of those poker cheating devices, poker players could get the poker games in advance without arose other's attention. So how to interfere those poker cheating devices working in poker games?

As for the barcode marked cards, it should work with poker analyzer or poker scanning camera. And all poker analyzer and poker scanning camera worked together relay on signal, while the jammer is play a important role in interfering signal. Therefore, even the poker scanning camera has read the barcode marked cards, but it can sent the signal to poker analyzer. Then poker analyzer can't analyze poker result in advance. If you are interested in and want to know more information, just feel free to contact with us!

Jammer For Poker Analyzer Marked Cards

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