Shirt Button Barcode Marked Cards Scanner

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[Introduction]  Shirt button poker camera used to read edge marked cards can work with different poker analyzer system....

Button poker camera has meet many customs' special requirement, but many poker players will feel puzzled that does this shirt button poker camera is safety enough in poker games or magic show. Actually, we usually processed it as cufflink poker camera and chest button poker camera. No matter which kind of poker camera, all camera lens has fixed on button, it is hard to find any difference in appearance.

Shirt button poker camera can be processed as four-lens poker camera and double-lens poker camera or single lens poker camera. The scanning distance wouldn't change, but scanning scope will change. The more camera lens it have, the scanning scope will be large!

Shirt button poker camera are used to read barcode marked cards and work with poker analyzer for predicting poker games. It can read marked cards with high speed and 100% accurate! Besides, the strong and stable signal will work with poker analyzer smoothly. Those HD poker analyzer camera will do you a big favor in different poker games and magic show.

Shirt Button Barcode Marked Cards Scanner

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