Four Lenses Cufflink Poker Camera

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[Introduction]  How to use four-lens button poker scanning camera? It is a special poker camera fixed on your cufflink and should work with poker analyzer system and barcode marked cards....

Four-lens poker scanning camera is special as it should fix on your cufflink to read barcode marked cards secretly. In fact, the single poker camera and double lens poker camera can be find easier than four-lens poker camera. But requirement is very from individuals to individuals! Here are some feature about it as followed:

1. This four-lens cufflink poker camera has enlarger its scanning scope to 20-40cm and the scanning distance can maintain to 20-40cm, even farther. It is means that you can use this poker camera to read marked cards more convenient and flexible.

2. It can work with kinds of poker analyzer system, such as AKK K4 poker analyzer, K5 poker analyzer, A1 poker analyzer, CVK 500 poker analyzer, CVK 400 poker analyzer, PK King S708 poker analyzer, LD D6 poker analyzer and so on.

3. Except poker analyzer, it also need the barcode marked cards and wireless earpieces to finish the whole process of marked cards reading and predict.

4. The battery is unchangeable, but rechargeable!

By the way, all products offered in our company can be customized according to your reasonable requirement.

Four Lenses Cufflink Poker Camera

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