White Invisible Ink Pen For Marking Playing Cards

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[Introduction]  What is the invisible ink pen? It can be used to mark invisible ink marked cards, and with its help you can marked playing cards by yourself....

There are two ways we usually used to marking playing cards, one way is marking playing cards with professional printer and another simple way is marking poker with luminous invisible ink pen by yourself.

This invisible ink pen can mark poker cards as laser marked cards, infrared marked cards, UV marked cards and so on. Besides, it can write on paper playing cards and plastic poker cards. No matter which kind of marked cards has been processed, those special marks are invisible to your naked eyes. But most of them can be read by invisible ink contact lenses and infrared sunglasses.

Different invisible ink kit can mark different marked cards, and the invisible ink marks on marked cards can last as long as 3 month at least. By the way, all types marked cards can be customized as your reasonable requirement.

White Invisible Ink Pen For Marking Playing Cards

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