Powerful iPhone 7 Poker Scanning Camera

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[Introduction]  Reading edge marked cards with newest iPhone 7 poker scanning camera within 20-40cm....

When it comes to poker scanning camera, which kind of poker camera have you used? There are different poker scanning camera, such as phone poker camera, power bank poker camera, wallet poker camera, watch poke camera, button poker camera and so on. Different poker camera has different feature! In this article, we will focus on the newest iPhone poker camera.

As iPhone mobile phone are quite popular around the world, so this iPhone 7 poker analyzer scanner has meet many poker players need. This is a single poker camera, the scanning distance has reach up to 20-40 cm, even farther! Moreover, it can work with different poker analyzer as AKK A1 all-in-one poker analyzer, K4 all-in-one poker analyzer, CVK 500 all-in-one poker analyzer, PK King S708 all-in-one poker analyzer and so on. Besides, the out date MDA and V68 poker analyzer also possible work with it. After all, all the product can be customized as your reasonable requirement.

If you are interest in this poker scanning camera and want to know more details about it, don't be hesitate to contact with us!

Powerful iPhone 7 Poker Scanning Camera

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