LD D4 Marking Playing Cards Analyzer System

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[Introduction]  Which kind of poker analyzer you are interested? AKK poker analyzer, CVK poker analyzer, LD poker analyzer and PK King poker analyzer also offered in our company....

How to read edge marked cards? Here is a good news for you! The LD D4 poker analyzer would be a nice choice! As it is a all-in-one poker analyzer with built-in poker camera, you just need a LD D4 poker analyzer, you can finish the process of scanning and analyze barcode marked cards. But it also can work with different wireless poker camera, like watch poker camera, wallet poker camera, power bank poker camera and so on.

LD D4 poker analyzer is also a single poker scanning camera, when you used it to read marked cards, it can read barcode marked cards within 20-40cm. Even it has been special processed, you also can used it to text message, surf the internet, make a call. Besides, there are several ways to show game result, such as time mode, image mode, earpieces mode and so on. In addition, there is another way that the poker analyzer can equip a vibrator to help you get the information.

LD D4 poker analyzer is a useful device which can be used in private games, poker club and magic show. Moreover, all the goods are offered with reasonable price and high quality.

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