LD I6 Poker Analyzer System

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[Introduction]  LD I6 poker scanner system can used to read different brands of edge marked cards, like: Modiano, Copag, Fournier, Bee, Bicycle and so on....

LD I6 poker analyzer system is a simple poker device which has processed as a poker scanner system, it is mean that you can used LD I6 poker analyzer to scan and analyze barcode marked cards. Although it has been special processed, it also has the same function as regular mobile phone has, such as make a call, text a message, surf the internet and so on. In fact, it is a iphone 6 smart phone which has load different poker games software.

Compared with other poker analyzer, like K4 poker analyzer, A1 poker analyzer, CVK 500 poker analyzer, CVK 400 poker analyzer, etc. LD I6 poker analyzer has a great advantage on poker games, because it can purchase 5 poker games. Therefore, it has meet most poker players requirement!

LD I6 is a all-in-one poker analyzer which has built-in poker camera, so you needn't a external poker camera when it work, but it also can work with different wireless poker camera. The scanning distance can be reach up to 20-40 cm, even farther! There also have several ways to show the poker game result, such as earpieces mode, image mode and time mode. So it is quite convenient for you!

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