PK King S708 Poker Scanner System For Baccarat

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[Introduction]  PK King S708 poker analyzer system in Baccarat can show games result by your iwatch which has connect the poker analyzer via Bluetooth....

Baccarat is a popular poker game around the world, especially in Europe. In the Baccarat, poker players usually used 3 to 8 pairs, each pair of 52 cards and washed together, placed in the licensing box. Then the dealer will distribute two or three cards that total score of 9 or close 9 to each poker player. Beside, the K, Q, J and 10 are counted as 0, the other cards by card point. When calculating, add the cards in each hand, but only the last digit. The most paid on the spot for the dealer. So how to use PK King S708 poker analyzer to play?

PK King S708 poker analyzer has made a great breakthrough, it can connect iwatch via Bluetooth and show poker result as time mode. So you just need a iwatch, you will get the information quickly and accurately. As cards dealing shoe is a necessary item in Baccarat poker games, so it has been installed with a mini poker camera to scan the barcode marked cards and work with PK King S708 poker analyzer.

If the poker analyzer has analyze the games result as "5,6", then the minute hand on iwatch points to 5 and the second hand points to 6. It is means that fifth poker player is the first winner hand and the sixth poker player is the second winner hand. How convenient! More function it also has, for more information just feel free to contact with us!

PK King S708 Poker Scanner System For Baccarat

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