Five Games LD I6 Poker Analyzer For Baccarat

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[Introduction]  LD poker analyzer is popular as AKK poker scanner, it is a special poker analyzer which can purchase five poker games....

When it comes to Baccarat poker game, do you know the rule about it? In Baccarat, poker players usually used 3 to 8 pairs, each pair of 52 cards and washed together, placed in the licensing box. Then the dealer will distribute two or three cards that total score of 9 or close 9 to each poker player. Beside, the K, Q, J and 10 are counted as 0, the other cards by card point. When calculating, add the cards in each hand, but only the last digit. How to play Baccarat poker game with LD I6 poker analyzer?

LD I6 poker analyzer is a iphone 6 mobile phone which is also a all-in-one poker analyzer. Just like the PK King poker analyzer system, the LD I6 poker analyzer can purchase five kinds of poker games, so you have more choices than other poker analyzer. Besides, there are several signal frequency to meet different poker scanning camera. Although, LD I6 poker analyzer is a all-in-one poker analyzer, it can also work with external poker camera, like cards dealing machine which has installed HD camera lens. With the help of LD I6 poker analyzer, the whole process of scanning barcode marked cards and analyze information can finish quickly and accurately.

Five Games LD I6 Poker Analyzer For Baccarat

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