How to Use MDA Marked Cards System In Baccarat

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[Introduction]  Cards dealing machine installed with poker camera for reading barcode marked cards with LD I6 poker analyzer in Baccarat....

MDA is quite popular among the poker players around the world as it has the most complete poker games. Although it is a normal poker analyzer without the built-in poker camera, but it still can work with different external poker camera, like: power bank poker camera, lighter poker camera, cards dealing shoe poker camera, watch poker camera, wallet poker camera, etc. As the cards dealing shoe is the necessary item, it would be the best choice to process as a poker camera work with MDA poker analyzer.

Different poker game has different rules, so what about the Baccarat game? In Baccarat, poker players usually used 3 to 8 pairs, each pair of 52 cards and washed together, placed in the licensing box. Then the dealer will distribute two or three cards that total score of 9 or close 9 to each poker player. Beside, the K, Q, J and 10 are counted as 0, the other cards by card point. When calculating, add the cards in each hand, but only the last digit.

With the help of MDA poker analyzer, the whole process of reading marked cards and analyze information will more simple, and you will get poker games result in advance.

How to Use MDA Marked Cards System In Baccarat

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