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Luminous Invisible Ink Marked Mahjong

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[Introduction]  Those luminous invisible ink Mahjong marked with professional printer are unreadable to your naked eyes....

Mahjong is a popular games in Asian regions, to some extent, it is similar to Rummy and Domino. Both of them can be marked with luminous invisible ink kit on their back or side. There are no difference in appearance between those marked Mahjong and regular Mahjong to you naked eyes. But it can be read by invisible ink contact lenses and special sunglasses, after you wear those special devices, you will read the marks clearly.

Just like mark the playing cards, there are two way to do that. But our company adopt the professional way that marking them with professional printer. Those luminous Mahjong marked with professional printer wouldn't sticky with others. In addition, the luminous marks on it can last as long as 3 months and 2 years in the case of without use.

Luminous Invisible Ink Marked Mahjong

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