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Ivory Invisible Ink Double Nine Plastic Domino

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[Introduction]  Ivory double nine marked Domino is remarkable and has highest quality as it marked with invisible ink....

You may wonder that what is marked Domino? In fact, just like the back marked cards which has marked with luminous ink. Domino is also can be marked with luminous invisible ink on its back for IR/ UV contact lenses or sunglasses. And the marked Domino is unreadable for poker scanning camera and poker analyzer, let alone your naked eyes.

This is typical ivory marked Domino with white tiles and color dots. It is a superior set of 55 double six dominoes will add a new entertainment to your gaming. It may suit for more complex games. Some feature about it as followed:

1. Composed of quality plastic and will provide you with hours of fun.

2. Double nine dominoes; Includes a set of 55 dominoes, perfect gift for those person love Domino games.

3. This gorgeous professional size tile and ivory color has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! Ivory color is truly remarkable.

What's more, the luminous marks can last as long as 3 month, even 2 years under the case of without use.

Ivory Invisible Ink Double Nine Plastic Domino

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