Blackjack Poker Analyzer--CVK500

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[Introduction]  With the help of CVK500 poker analyzer in Blackjack, you could know the first winner hand and second winner hand, even the rank of all poker players....

CVK500 poker analyzer is the latest poker device of CVK series. But it is also a powerful Blackjack poker analyzer. Before knowledge CVK500 poker analyzer how to work in Blackjack, we should know some tips about Blackjack.

1. Popular around the world and more and more poker players know it.

2. Removing red and black joke.

3. Each player in the hands of the number of points and not more than 21 points and as large as possible. For example, if you get 22 points, then you have lose.

Now we will make a example: If you have set up earpieces mode and 6 players(don't forget to change built-in camera into wireless camera), then they will work. The wireless poker camera has installed into cards dealing shoe which used to hold barcode marked cards. With the help of it, the process of reading and analyzing barcode marked cards will finish within 0.5 second. Moreover, the poker result would be 100% accurate.

Blackjack Poker Analyzer--CVK500

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