KEM Arrow Wide Jumbo Index Infrared Marked Cards

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[Introduction]  How to used poker analyzer system with KEM marked cards? We are the professional supplier for luminous marked cards and other poker devices....

KEM brand playing cards are the finest playing cards in the world, they are made of a unique material-100% Plastic-Cellulose Acctate that provides superior flexibility and strength for long-lasting use. They are longer lasting than any other plastic playing cards available.

The KEM luminous marked cards we going to talk about is wide jumbo poker deck. For back KEM marked cards, we usually marked as big mark in the middle and small marks on the four corners. While, the marked cards contact lenses would be a perfect device to read the luminous marks. And the barcode marked cards are suit for different poker scanning camera. Other information as followed:

1. 100 percent cellulose acetate plastic - a unique blend of paper and plastic that provices superior flexibility and strength

2. A set-up consists of one red and one blue deck, or black and gold deck

3. The cards come in a hard black plastic Kem box

4. Superior flexibility and strength

5. Scuff and Break-Resistant

Note: As the special material the KEM has applied and this kind of material exposed to long-term in the air easily broken down, so pay attention to preservation.

KEM Arrow Wide Jumbo Index Infrared Marked Cards

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Mer 2017-11-08 08:09:18

Info poker analysator

Düz 2017-10-30 18:27:24


Francis 2017-09-09 10:22:24

How far this camera lens can reach?

Enoch 2017-09-09 10:17:46

Can you sent some pictures and video to me? I'm looking for a latest poker analyzer for Modiano barcode marked cards!

Dick 2017-09-09 10:11:14

I want a k4 poker analyzer for Omaha games!

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