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Luminous Marked Poker Cards

2017-04-13 17:02:31Supplier:
[Introduction]  There are many kind of poker cheating device for reading different kinds of marked cards! The barcode marked cards should read by poker scnaning camera, while the luminous marked cards can be read by infrared contact lenses or sunglasses....

Our company sells all kinds of gambling cheating tools for all forms of gambling, including poker games, dice games and Mahjong games etc.. When it comes to Pai Gow games, we have luminous ink marked cards Gow tiles for sale.


We use luminous ink to mark cards Gow tiles on one, two or three sides. There are no difference in appearance between the processed cards Gow tiles and the regular cards Gow tiles to human naked eyes. Besides, the marked cards Gow tiles are not sticky with the luminous ink on their backs, giving you the original hand feel.


In order to see those invisible marked cards, it is necessary for you to turn to our luminous contact lenses or sunglasses for help. Both of the two kinds of cheating devices can enable users to see those marks on the cards Gow tiles clearly under fluorescent light. So, if you want to use our luminous ink marked cards Gow tiles to cheat at cards Gow games, don’t forget about the luminous contact lenses or luminous sunglasses.


You can apply our luminous marked cards Gow tiles to the cards Gow games in all kinds of gambling occasions like private gambling, party gambling, club gambling, casino gambling and so on.If you are looking for a cheating device for cards Gow games, why not have a try with our luminous marked cards Gow tiles. We have confidence that they won't disappoint you!

Luminous Marked Poker Cards

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